Thursday, September 27, 2012

How to Clean and Maintain your Bathroom

Bathroom is one of the area of your house that are most prone to germs, bacteria, mildew, dirt and the more it is  needed to be sanitized and cleaned to ensure not only the ease in using the bathroom but most important is the health of your family.

Daily light cleaning will be a quick and pro-active way to maintain and lighten the load in your deep cleaning. Here's some quick tips on how to maintain the cleanliness of your bathroom, which you could do instantly without having to wait for heavy dirt built-up:

  • Provide basic cleaning materials like cleaning rag or towel, brush, spray bottle of cleaning solution in the bathroom for easy access to those who will be using the bathroom
  • After using the sink, wipe it with towel to remove water or soap splash in the sink and also the mirror
  • Toilet Bowl- whenever you see it dirty just spray a sanitizer, brush it, rinse and wipe
  • Floors - regularly remove hairs which fall in the floor by using a mop, spray with disinfectant. Mop all the hairs in one direction then use a bristle broom and dustpan to pick up the hairs in the floor
  • Shower - use a sponge with disinfectant to scrub stains in the shower whenever you see them, that would be much easier to remove rather than wait for the stains to harden 
  • Shower Enclosure - wipe shower walls with towel right after taking a bath to avoid the mildew growing in the shower wall.
  • Let the air circulate and warm sunshine in the bathroom to avoid mildew growing or you can use fan to dry the bathroom

Deep Cleaning is needed even if you do your daily light cleaning, this is to ensure the high sanitation standard in your bathroom. Here are some steps for your weekly deep cleaning:

Cleaning Materials Needed:
  • Bleachers/disinfectant/sanitizer - commercial products or try using baking soda, vinegar
  • Brush - handheld brush for bathroom walls,floors and long-brush for toilet bowl cleaning
  • Rubber Gloves
1. Put on your rubber gloves to protect your hands from chemicals
2. Move out from the bathroom the towels, soaps, sponges, toothbrush, shampoo anything that would block your cleaning. Throw in the garbage bin all that will no longer be needed in your bathroom.
3. Spray antibacterial solution to your toilet bowl and let it sit while doing other bathroom area
4. Start cleaning shower - Remove mineral deposits from shower walls using mixture of vinegar and water for a stronger cleaning solution add ammonia. Apply the mixture in the shower wall using sponge then brush, rinse the wall afterwards.  For shower head - soak it in vinegar to remove mineral deposits using toothbrush.
5. Clean the bathtub, scrub the bathtub and wall with a tile cleaner. Unclog the drain with hair, to deodorize drain: pour baking soda in the drain followed by vinegar then warm water.
6. Clean the sink and mirror. Scrub the sink with detergent and ensure to remove stains from toothpaste, shampoo. Wipe the mirror with glass cleaner.
7. Scrub the toilet, then rinse.
8. Bring back all the bathroom accessories. Replace towels, floor rags, put paper towels
9. Throw the garbage and replace the garbage bag. Spray air freshener.

Bathroom cleaning is not that easy and may not be a pleasant task but with your daily proactive effort and with your knowledge how to do it will surely make it easier for you.


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