Monday, September 24, 2012

How to Clean your House Fast

Cleaning your house fast and effective is needed if you juggle working and maintaining your home or you want to enjoy the quality time you still have for your family or pursue some hobby. But how is it possible to clean your house fast without sacrificing the quality of cleanliness of your home? Here are some tips on how to clean effectively fast:

1.Hire professional cleaners - yes, you can outsource your cleaning for a cost. Professional cleaning would definitely clean your house fast, they are trained and well-equipped cleaning professionals. Your tasks is to choose the most reliable and affordable within your area.

2.But if you will do your house cleaning by yourself, here are some practical tips to speed up your cleaning:
  • Schedule your cleaning - schedule and commit your cleaning schedule, just make sure to spread your cleaning schedule within the week not in a single day. For example, clean bathroom every Thursday or Living Room every Friday, Kitchen Cleaning every Monday(what we mean here is thorough cleaning of appliances, of course you have to do daily washing of dishes). This will lighten your load in cleaning the whole, and seeing a clean part of your house will certainly give you a boost to proceed as scheduled. 
  • Make your Cleaning Materials Handy - organize your general cleaning materials like detergents, mops,etc in one area or cabinet but if you have house with 3 or more levels, it would be better if you could provide cleaning supplies and equipment like broom, dustpan, vacuum in every floor. During cleaning time, make sure you have a "pocketful apron" where you could place all your cleaning tools(sprayers, rags, ), so you can save the time when you have to back and forth just looking for your cleaning materials.
  • Delegate Household Responsibility - train family member to be responsible in their personal cleaning like fixing their beds right after they wake up in the morning, organize their books/magazines, clean their trash, wash their dishes after eating. Simple action will matter to minimize major cleaning time.
  • Be proactive and Act Fast - organize your house that there are trash bins, laundry baskets, shoe racks  and other organizing tools available in your house so that there will be no reason that things will be cluttered everywhere in your house. For carpet stains and spills immediate cleaning is needed for easy clean up and avoid deterioration of your carpets.
For detailed guidelines on how to do your Cleaning Fast, try this e-book guide " Declutter Fast", this will give you a detailed but easy to follow steps in decluttering fast and effective.

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  1. Always I need to clean up in a hurry. certainly your tips will help me.
    Hope to see more posts like this.;)