Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Basic Tips on How to Take Care of your Carpets

Carpets are one of the home essentials not only for its beautification purposes but also for the comfort that it gives. Taking care of your carpets should be a top priority to avoid frequent hiring of professional cleaners or replacing it occasionally. 

Here are simple tips on how to proactively maintain your carpets:

Regular and Proper Vacuuming 
  • Vacuuming is the basic way to keep your carpet clean, immediate vacuuming of loose dust and dirt in the surface of the carpet will prevent the penetration  inside the carpet's fibers which will make it harder to remove later and eventually deteriorate the quality of your carpet.
  •  It is also suggested to at least vacuum the back portion of the carpet by a high quality beater brush once a month, just take note however to be gentle in vacuuming the back portion because excessive force may tear the carpet.
  • Organize your cleaning - clean or dust off your windows, furniture surfaces first before doing the vacuum
  • Reach also the crevices and corners where dust builts
  • Vacuum weekly for less-traffic areas, daily for  high-traffic areas 
  • Do not get the carpet get too wet when cleaning, carpet should be dried within 12 hours or less to avoid damaging the carpet
  • Choose quality vacuum depending on the type of your carpet. 
Clean spills and stains immediately 
  • Stains and spills are the most common damaging agent to your carpet so make sure that to clean this up immediately . There are a lot of carpet stain removers available or you can try green cleaning for carpets
  • Stains and spills should be removed immediately or they will be a permanent mark in your carpet. Absorb the stains/spills by blotting the area using a white clean cloth, just continue until the area is dried, don't scrub or brush the area it will damage the carpet. Then treat the stain or spill spot using commercial stain remover or home remedies products.Remove food spills by gently scraping using spoon or dull knife. 
Use quality pad - this will give better resilience and extend the life of your carpet

Use the right shampoo or spray - whether commercial cleanser or home remedy solutions be sure that you know what they are for because there are different stains or spills that should be treated differently

Control the source of dust entering your house- put walk-off mats or rugs outside of every door to reduce the entry of dust in your house, remove your shoes when entering your house, change air-con filters regularly, clean also mats or rugs regularly because it might also be the source of soils and dust later on.

Occasionally move heavy furniture - this is to avoid piling of dust under the area of your furniture, but make sure also to protect your carpet when moving wheeled furniture by placing plywood  between the wheels and your carpet

Got other ideas in maintaining your carpets, just write it down in the comment below

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